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IT had a hard time keeping up with user provisioning due to the company’s high turnover rate. In addition, Coopservice wanted to integrate its processes with those of clients so it could identify who was accessing information and applications. NetIQ solutions automated user provisioning and deprovisioning. IT can now work on other, more important issues, and security is enhanced by not allowing unauthorized users access to company data or applications.

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“When we update some aspect of a user’s information, the change is automatically and instantly propagated to all connected systems...”Gianfranco ScoccoIT Manager, Coopservice Group

About Coopservice Group

The over 12,000 employees at Coopservice Group provide services, including hospital sanitization, civil and industrial cleaning, security and value management, transportation and logistics, and facility and waste management. Its clients include many of Italy’s foremost hospitals, universities, city governments, banks and industrial companies.


While experiencing rapid growth, Coopservice Group realized its existing IT infrastructure needed an overhaul. This wasn’t simply a question of upgrading hardware and network resources; the company wanted to give employees and clients appropriate access rights without creating security issues or excessive work for the IT department.

Managing the high staff turnover rate was a major drain on Coopservice’s IT resources. Moreover, Coopservice had decided to invest in the integration of its internal processes with those of its clients. This required a solution to accurately identify who accessed data and applications across various environments and client portals. Setting up new user accounts involved several manual stages, distracting skilled technicians from more strategic tasks. Also, the manual deprovisioning process for employees who left the company resulted in greater risk of data loss and higher administration costs.

To improve speed, efficiency and security, Coopservice needed an identity and security management solution offering a high degree of automation.

Our Solution

Based on technical and financial criteria, the company selected NetIQ Identity Manager and NetIQ Access Manager as the basis for its new identity and security management solution.

“We wanted a powerful solution that would fit with our existing architecture, and cost was also an important consideration,” said Gianfranco Scocco, IT manager, Coopservice Group. The solution won because it combined the functionality Coopservice needed with great adaptability and low cost of ownership. Another factor was the implementation plan proposed by NetStudio—a NetIQ partner—that was far less rigid than other options. “The knowledge and technical skills of NetStudio were a real bonus during the implementation phases.”

Coopservice uses Identity Manager to synchronize user information across multiple applications. Eighty percent of the company’s software is integrated with the solution, ensuring consistency and simplifying user administration.

It was easy for Coopservice to create automated workflows for user provisioning, using the human resources system to set up necessary accounts and applications. “When we update some aspect of a user’s information, the change is automatically and instantly propagated to all connected systems, saving a significant amount of time and effort for the IT team,” said Scocco.

Identity Manager also enables Coopservice to deprovision user accounts automatically, so that employees immediately lose all access to company applications and data when they leave the company. With a large and constantly changing workforce, this is vital to ensuring security.

For client portals and applications, NetStudio and Coopservice rolled out a web single sign-on (SSO) solution. When Coopservice signs a service contract with a new client, authorized employees of that client can access a limited set of data through a web portal. Access Manager checks the portal users’ credentials against the data held in Identity Manager, then grants access to the appropriate internal resources and applications.


With user information synchronized automatically across eighty percent of its internal applications, Coopservice substantially reduced the user management burden on its IT staff. This lets them focus on more strategic projects.

The automated workflows in Identity Manager enable Coopservice to maintain accuracy and speed in user management with little administrative effort. The company now has direct visibility and control over which employees can access applications and data, so the solution has eliminated a number of security concerns, as well.

Coopservice clients can now use the web portal to check on a project’s status and generate performance and budgeting reports. Access Manager works with Identity Manager to ensure watertight security for the portal.

Since Coopservice has a high turnover rate, Identity Manager saves considerable time and effort. Similarly, the company’s clients save a lot of time and money by using the portal, so the solution is good for everybody.

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  • Reduced the user management burden on its IT staff
  • Automated workflows to maintain accuracy and speed in user management with little administrative effort
  • Provided direct visibility and control over which employees can access applications and data

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