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Transforming its approach to identity and access management helped CPP clear the way for growth by boosting efficiency.

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“With NetIQ technology, we have greater control and visibility of access rights, without making our users wait. Employees have the convenience of only remembering one password that they can reset for themselves, freeing them up to perform to their full potential.”LEI CHUProject Manager, China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau

About China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau

Founded in 1973, China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau (CPP) is part of the China National Petroleum Corporation, and specializes in pipeline engineering and construction. It offers services across the entire pipeline production chain and technologies, including research and development, survey, consulting, design, procurement, construction, coating, fitting, maintenance and repair, and commissioning.


CPP employs 20,000 people through 42 subsidiaries, and undertakes projects around the world. Against this complex organizational backdrop, the company’s previous approach to identity and access management was not keeping pace with the business.

“We provide a portfolio of 30 different IT systems to our users, which they can access if they are approved to do so by their managers,” said Lei Chu, Project Manager at China Petroleum Bureau. “Before, we had to manually add new users, and relied on paper forms to manage the approval process. All of this was time­-consuming, and invited the risk of human error.”

The lack of automation also had consequences for employees, who often needed to contact the company’s IT department to make changes to their user accounts.

“Our users had to remember multiple passwords for different systems and, if they forgot one, get in touch with us to reset it for them,” said Chu. “We saw an opportunity to boost efficiency by automating repetitive, low-­value tasks like these.”

Our Solution

Following a review of solutions on the market and a thorough bidding process, CPP chose to deploy Identity Manager and Access Manager™, and engaged Focus Soft to help with the implementation.

“We ended up with a shortlist of offerings from two vendors, and selected the NetIQ solution because we felt that it provided better functionality,” said Chu. “The Focus Soft team worked with NetIQ to roll out the solutions for us. We were impressed by how quickly they responded whenever we made a request; overall, we received excellent service.”

Using the NetIQ solutions, CPP built a centralized employee directory, and automated a range of identity and access management processes.

“We now rely on NetIQ technology to manage 20,000 users, located both in China and overseas,” said Chu. “The solutions enable us to eliminate a lot of manual work. For example, setting up a new employee on our systems is a much easier process, and we can automatically grant access rights according to what their supervisor has agreed. If an existing user requests access to a new system, the change happens automatically as soon as their manager provides approval.”

As a result of the project, CPP also transformed the ways that passwords are used and managed within the company.

“Instead of multiple passwords, we use the NetIQ solutions to offer employees a single sign-­on for all the systems they have been authorized to access,” Chu said. “This includes both on­-premise and cloud-­based systems. And, if they forget that password, they can now request a reset automatically, rather than calling up the IT team for help.”


Equipped with the tools to work more efficiently, CPP’s IT team is saving time on a number of processes.

“Overall, we estimate that the NetIQ solutions have reduced the administrative workload associated with access and identity management at CPP by 50 percent,” said Chu. “Specifically, we were able to bring down the labor costs related to access management by 20 percent. The tools give us back time and resources that can be allocated elsewhere to deliver new value to the business.”

The ability to add and change user accounts with greater speed and ease is another advantage, which can help CPP on its way to further expansion.“

We can now set up a new user in 70 percent less time,” said Chu. “This is a lot more convenient for the IT team. It also has benefits for the business, making it easier to expand and allowing us to get the value from new hires sooner.”

Finally, the solutions help CPP’s 20,000-­strong workforce work productively, by ensuring they have rapid, reliable access to essential business systems at all times.

“With NetIQ technology we have greater control and visibility of access rights, without making our users wait,” said Chu. “Employees now have the convenience of only remembering one password that they can reset for themselves, freeing them up to perform to their full potential.”


ChinaAsia Pacific

  • Reduced administrative workload for identity and access management by 50 percent
  • Cut the time it takes to add a new user by 70 percent
  • Decreased labor costs related to access management by 20 percent
  • Removed barriers to growth and cut time­-to­-value by simplifying the on­boarding of new employees

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