Camera dei Deputati

Some 1,700 employees, the 630 elected representatives and several other groups of people, such as journalists, need access to information systems at Camera dei Deputati. To ensure effective control over this diverse set of users, the organization created a role-based provisioning solution using NetIQ Identity Manager and NetIQ Access Manager, backed by NetIQ Sentinel for security monitoring.

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About Camera dei Deputati

Camera dei Deputati (the Chamber of Deputies) is the lower house of the Italian parliament, home to 630 elected politicians. The organization has a number of principal departments as well as administration services and liaison units that work with the Senate (the upper parliamentary house) and all other areas of government.


A number of different groups of people require access to the information systems at Camera dei Deputati: the 630 members themselves, researchers and political assistants, and journalists. Depending on their role and seniority, different users have different access rights to applications and data.

Ensuring that access rights for all users were accurate and up-to-date was a significant challenge. Essentially, the list of authorized users is in a constant state of flux: deputies are re-elected every five years and may also change their supporting staff at any time; employees may be promoted, move departments or retire; new journalists may request access to data. As a result, user administration tasks were occupying a great deal of IT department time.

Camera dei Deputati wished both to cut the time and costs associated with user administration and to improve its system security against unauthorized access. To do so, the IT department needed to find a way to integrate the user list with each person’s role, responsibilities and access privileges.

Our Solution

The selection criteria for the new solution included the ability to provide a unified source of user identity information, to manage access to applications and network resources based on institutional roles, and to automate the provisioning and deprovisioning of user accounts.

Camera dei Deputati selected Identity Manager as the best solution for its specific requirements, using the software to create a single repository of identity information for authorizing access to its information systems. Using the Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module, Camera dei Deputati created a functional representation of the organization chart, assigning the appropriate access rights to every role in the chart.

Each administrative department within the Camera dei Deputati is responsible for defining the roles of its users and its organizational structure and for maintaining the accuracy of this data.

When an employee changes roles—perhaps moving to a different department or being promoted to a more senior position—Identity Manager immediately updates their access rights to correspond with the new job’s requirements, based on the information defined in the Roles Based Provisioning Module. Principal services include access to files, applications, print functionality and a Web portal. In certain roles with more sensitive security requirements, the solution generates a request for a senior manager to explicitly approve the change in access rights.

Access Manager authenticates registered web-based users of the portal against the central directory, providing secure access and enabling the use of a single password for all resources. When new users are added, Identity Manager automatically provisions them with the correct login credentials and access rights—based on their role—and if an employee leaves the organization, the solution automatically and immediately rescinds all access rights.

Sentinel monitors network resources at Camera dei Deputati, not only protecting against unauthorized access but also keeping a full, auditable record of which users have been attempting to access which resources. In conjunction with the other NetIQ technologies, this helps the IT department to ensure that sensitive data is fully protected.


With Identity Manager in place, Camera dei Deputati can more easily manage user identities and user access rights. In addition to offering greater efficiency in user management, the solution accelerates the provisioning and deprovisioning of users. It also provides much greater clarity, ensuring that the IT team can quickly see who is authorized to access which resources.

The role-based provisioning included in the solution has simplified the task of providing the correct access rights to each of the various groups of users. It has also moved responsibility for defining employee roles from the IT team to the departmental managers, giving them a simple graphical interface that offers full control over their teams.

By extending authentication to web-based users, Access Manager enables the same levels of access control for external users—creating a convenient entry point that does not compromize security. Finally, Sentinel provides a complete audit trail for all activity on the network, enabling Camera dei Deputati to be confident that it meets government standards for data confidentiality.



  • Simplified the task of providing the correct access rights
  • Accelerated the provisioning and deprovisioning of users
  • Moved responsibility for defining employee roles from the IT team to the departmental managers

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