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Älmhults Kommun wanted to develop electronic systems to enhance local services for citizens, but time-consuming user-management processes meant that the IT team lacked the resources for such innovative projects. Älmhults Kommun worked with business partner Pulsen to implement NetIQ Identity Manager. Today, the organization manages thousands of identities automatically, giving it more time to develop new services for citizens.

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“Over the course of nine years using the solution, we estimate it has saved us the equivalent of approximately US$1.2 million.”Robert PalmqvistIT Manager, Älmhults Kommun

About Älmhults Kommun

Älmhults Kommun is a municipal government organization located in the southern province of Småland, Sweden, and responsible for delivering education, healthcare and emergency services to more than 16,000 citizens across the region.


Robert Palmqvist, IT manager at Älmhults Kommun, said, “In recent years, there has been a big drive in Sweden to improve the quality and accessibility of key local services using IT. For example, we offer an online platform to help students, educators and administrators manage education services for all children and young adults in the municipality.”

Additionally, Älmhults Kommun wanted to offer its healthcare workers faster access to the electronic systems they needed to perform their roles effectively. The aim was to enable healthcare workers to spend less time on repetitive administrative tasks and more time delivering care services. In the past, Älmhults Kommun relied heavily on its IT team to manage user identities across its systems, but its manual user administration processes reduced the time available for IT staff to develop new business systems. To solve this challenge, the organization sought an enterprise quality identity management solution.

Palmqvist said, “We wanted to help thousands of users across the municipality to manage their own user identities within a secure and automated system.”

Our Solution

After assessing proposals from a number of different solution vendors, Älmhults Kommun selected Identity Manager.

“Of all the solutions we considered, we were most impressed by the NetIQ offering,” said Palmqvist.

“NetIQ is one of the most mature vendors in the identity management space and that expertise was clear when we assessed the capabilities of Identity Manager. We believe that NetIQ software is the best fit for our particular requirements—especially its ability to automate provisioning and deprovisioning processes at scale.”

To accelerate the deployment of Identity Manager, Älmhults Kommun engaged its trusted business partner Pulsen.

“We wanted to start getting value from our NetIQ solution in the shortest possible time, and by collaborating with Pulsen, we were sure we could achieve the results we were looking for,” said Palmqvist. “Identity Manager updates and retrieves information from systems of record in the municipality and ensures that any changes to personal data—for example, postal addresses, phone numbers and email addresses—propagate across all of our systems automatically.

“Moreover, thanks to its integration with Sweden’s national person registration database, we will be able to ensure the quality of data in the system, which is a key requirement for both our education and healthcare services.”


Using Identity Manager, the municipality has achieved its goal of creating a robust, efficient identity management infrastructure and unlocking time and resources to redirect towards innovative projects.

Today, Älmhults Kommun uses the platform to manage identities for 2,700 students, reducing manual effort by the equivalent of three full-time employees.

“If we hadn’t chosen a solution such as Identity Manager, we would have needed to bring in more personnel to manage our IT environment, and the data-quality benefits we are obtaining now would have been out of reach,” said Palmqvist. “Over the course of nine years using the NetIQ solution, we estimate it has saved us the equivalent of approximately US$1.2 million.”

In the Identity Manager environment, there is no need for IT personnel to manually rekey data when adding new users to a municipal system. This frees the team to focus on delivering new services to citizens.

Palmqvist said, “Using Identity Manager, we can let identity management tasks fade into the background with complete confidence that our data is accurate, secure and up to date. Thanks to our NetIQ solution from Pulsen, we are now well placed to offer faster employee authentication within our electronic healthcare systems, which will ultimately help drive up the quality of care experiences across the municipality.”



  • Reduced manual effort by the equivalent of three full-time employees
  • Saved US$1.2 million over the course of nine years

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