AppManager helps Affiniti ensure that their VoIP solutions are available 24/7 and deliver consistently high quality for their users.

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"The AppManager solution provided us and our customers with essential information to ensure that the VoIP solutions are available on a 24/7 basis and delivered the requisite quality of experience for the end user.”Tony ReeveServices Portfolio Manager, Affiniti

About  Affiniti

Employing 1,000 people in offices throughout the United Kingdom, leading communications integrator Affiniti serves a number of key verticals, including the public sector, financial services, professional services and retail.

Specializing in unified communications, contact center and data management solutions, Affiniti serves a high-quality, blue-chip customer base, including a number of well-known, high-street retailers that must consistently deliver against strict service level agreements. Affiniti also serves a high percentage of the Welsh and English police forces, for which the availability of voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones can be a life or death matter.

It is therefore vital that Affiniti is able to assure expected service levels.


Five years ago, Affiniti began looking for a suitable service management platform for its unified communications services. According to Tony Reeve, services portfolio manager, “We evaluated a number of different vendor solutions and arrived at a short list of two. We put these through a rigorous series of tests to see how they performed with the Cisco products that we used internally and provided to our customers.

Affiniti closely examined how the products monitored and fixed issues, such as voice jitter and delay that negatively impact voice quality. The company also looked at ease of reporting and how easily it could customize reports to meet customers’ unique reporting criteria. The chosen solution had to work in Affiniti’s customer environments but also in its own network operations center (NOC), where it would be instrumental in supporting the helpdesk and support services for more than 120 managed customers.

In the NOC environment, Affiniti uses highly developed operational support systems (OSS) solutions to monitor the status of customer infrastructures and proactively identify incidents. Affiniti’s OSS solutions manage upwards of 15,000 devices and 150,000 IP telephony phones. These devices generate over 60,000 events per day, which Affiniti’s OSS solutions filter for root cause.

“AppManager for VoIP solutions surpassed our expectations on all fronts, and NetIQ (now a part of Micro Focus) was selected as our partner of choice,” said Reeve.

Our Solution

“The AppManager solution provided us and our customers with essential information to ensure that the VoIP solutions were available on a 24/7 basis and delivered the requisite quality of experience for the end user,” Reeve said. “The system needed to provide us with information that enabled us to proactively anticipate potential problems before they occurred. The reporting function gave us information about call detail records (CDRs), the usage level of phones, the incidence of failed or missed calls, and the ability to monitor usage levels. This information enabled the support team to anticipate capacity issues and deflect any abuse or misuse of the system.”

Affiniti selected AppManager in part because it supports both Cisco and Avaya (heritage Nortel) solutions. was quick to add support for new products from both vendors as they were released.

Additional factors that particularly impressed Reeve were the licensing models and the level of support Affiniti received from in getting the system up and running in house.


Successfully deployed as a solution within Affiniti’s NOC environment, AppManager is also now a key component of the company’s internal system and service management solution, and is in use across its diverse software and hardware platforms.

It is helping to preempt and resolve problems that could negatively impact the network, including issues with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager) application and Cisco Unity voicemail.

“The NetIQ solution has demonstrated its ability to scale with the level of customer demand,” said Reeve. “It allows us not only to constantly deliver great customer service but also to ensure we do so in the most efficient manner; for example by identifying resources like unused ports and reutilizing them in the optimal way for our business.”

Affiniti’s relationship with our company enables it to confidently deliver great, 24-hour service as the company’s requirements increase exponentially with customer demand.


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  • Affiniti delivers great service around the clock with AppManager
  • Using AppManager, Affiniti consistently delivers excellent 24-hour customer service through continued monitoring
  • Affiniti has been able to improve the end user experience—a fundamental component of the company's continued growth

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