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Spread the Word

Tell others about your solutions success by participating in our reference activities. Join the program now.

Share Your Expertise

We would like to invite you to participate in the Customer Reference Program to demonstrate the special capabilities that make your organization stand out from the crowd. We are proud of your success with solutions and want to spread the word.

Program Benefits

Share your success and show your ability to solve problems, innovate and lead in your industry by becoming a reference customer.

As a reference customer, you will profit in multiple ways:

  • Extend your network: As a reference customer, you will have access to analyst and press contacts. Gain valuable insights and discuss best practices with analysts, industry and experts, and your peers at other companies.
  • Demonstrate thought leadership: Share your success with peers in your industry and demonstrate your capability to use innovative IT solutions.
  • Receive free publicity: we invests in events, public relations and collateral that publicly highlight our customers' success stories. Your participation in these opportunities will increase your brand visibility, demonstrate industry leadership and showcase project success internally and externally.

Your Participation Option

Your Participation Options

As a reference customer, you choose the way you want to participate and the extent to which can leverage your company's name. Depending on your interest and available opportunities, we may invite you to share your success. Here is a selection of your opportunities:

Reference Visits and Reference Calls
Visit with a prospect at your facility or on a conference call to discuss the successes of your implementation and answer previously submitted questions.

Press or Analyst Reference
Speak with analysts or press contacts to discuss your implementation. Analyst conversations are confidential, and provide you a rare opportunity to speak to an industry expert about issues that interest you.

Customer Success Story
Work with us to create a written success story describing how you implemented your solution. Stories are published on NetIQ.com. View examples ›

Case Study
Collaborate with to create a detailed technical analysis of how you implemented technology, products or solutions in your IT environment. Case studies are more in-depth and technical in nature than a customer success story.

Customer Success Video
Work with on a half-day, on-site video shoot to create a four-minute video featuring your solutions and related business benefits. We publish videos on the website and on our YouTube channel.

Speaking Opportunities
Speak publicly about your experience, products and services in public forums such as global, regional and local events, as well as trade shows, roundtables and webcasts. Speaking engagements at our company and other industry events and conferences are an ideal opportunity to put your company in the spotlight.

Name and Logo Usage
Allow us to use your company's name and logo publicly in presentations, collateral, web pages and other marketing material.

Public Quote
Provide a quote about your success with a solution. With your permission, we use these quotes in external settings such as presentations, brochures and website content.

Present the business benefits of your solution via live and recorded webcasts.

Join the NetIQ Customer Reference Program

Join the Customer Reference Program

How does it all work? Once you've agreed to join the program, here are the next steps.

  1. Complete the form.
  2. We will contact you to arrange an interview call. The call takes about 30 minutes, and we will ask you about your solution, the challenges you've solved and the benefits of the solution. Moreover, we will discuss your participation options.
    1. If you choose to do a written story with our company, we produce a first draft and send it to you for approval. After we receive your approval, we publish the story according to the agreement we made with you.
    2. If you've agreed to do a video testimonial, we will create a script and arrange a date and time to do the filming. The video shoot usually takes about four hours, of which filming the interview takes about 30 minutes, and the rest of the time is spent filming the surroundings. Before we publish the video, we send it to you for approval or change requests. You will find some examples of video testimonials here.
    3. If you choose speaking opportunities, we will contact you occasionally to ask you for your participation in webcasts, with analysts or with journalists.

We have structured this program to minimize demands on your time and to be as unobtrusive and efficient as possible for all involved.

Would you like to learn more about the customer Reference Program? Or have you already decided to take advantage of this exciting opportunity? Contact us! We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can contact your Account Manager or contact the Reference Program Manager directly:

Mareike Gruber
Customer Reference Program Manager
T: +49 173 5876 985
Mail: mgruber@netiq.com

Join the Customer Reference Program.

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