New strategies for detecting insider threats to data—inside.

Catching and preventing an insider data breach is nearly impossible without the right tools. In fact, most security solutions can’t even tell if a hacker has compromised a privileged user account.

How can you tell who is actually accessing your systems disguised as a trusted user? Can you catch these costly (and frequent) attacks before they cause major damage?

Join our experts for a webinar dedicated to protecting your corporate data from malicious insiders, accidental disclosures, and targeted outsider attacks. You’ll learn:

  • The changing nature of internal and external attacks, and how to determine when the threat is real.
  • How top security officers are turning to the powerful combination of identity, access, and security management solutions to curb insider threats altogether.
  • How the smartest systems today can determine when an employee’s role and access rights don’t align with the types of data they are repeatedly trying to access—and help teams to take proactive action.

Who is Watching the Watchers?Webinar

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