NetIQ’s Mobile IAM Solutions

NetIQ’s Mobile IAM Solutions

In virtually every organization, employees are walking around with powerful mobile devices in their pockets, and so are their partners and customers. Now, all sorts of businesses—from large to small—are investing in mobile, not only for their workforce in field and sales services but also as an important way to interact with their customers. Whether the objective is to move business processes faster and make them easier or to raise the level of customer touch, organizations understand that mobile app development is strategically smart. In fact, almost 8 out of 10 enterprises1 have made elevating mobile interaction a critical or high priority.

White Paper Covers:

  • The Challenge of Mobile Apps
  • Mobile-Enable Your Whole Environment—Avoid Piecemeal
  • Four Tips for Updating Your IAM for Mobil
  • Does Your Solution Match Your Problem?
  • NetIQ Mobile IAM Is Powerful
  • IAM-Enable Your Mobile Apps
  • Need Quick Wins?
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White Paper: Mobile IAM Solutions

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