SC Mag eSymposium: Insiders with access–"Minimize the Risk of Insider Threat"

Cloud, mobile and social computing have expanded business opportunities–and created larger attack surfaces for external, malicious actors.  It’s easier than ever before for an outsider to gain a foothold in your organization, assume the rights of a privileged user and inflict enormous damage.   As the notion of “who” is an insider changes, so must our assumptions about trust and threat defense.  A zero-trust model must be adopted.  Insider threat becomes the only threat that matters.

In this webinar, entitled “Minimize the Risk of Insider Threat”, we explain why having additional context about events and users is essential to reducing risk from inside attacks. Integrating the “identity context” of events and users with privileged user management and monitoring tools can help security teams detect potential inside threats. It can also provide the decision-making information they need to respond rapidly and effectively to attacks.

SC Mag eSymposium: Insiders with accessA webcast