Beat Advanced Persistent Threats with Advanced, Persistent Defense

Is your organization is like the majority out there? Do you have two silos of information, one that holds identity and access management policies (who gets access to corporate applications) and another that contains security data (who is accessing corporate applications)?

Bridging the gap between identity and security, Identity Tracking for Identity Manager™ provides a real-time, holistic view of your organization and its security and compliance posture. It cross-validates identity and security information in real time, so you always knows who is accessing what, when they are doing it and if they are authorized. And if situations arise that are out of the norm, Identity Tracking for Identity Manager takes appropriate action immediately.

This white paper examines the modern security and compliance landscape and details how we blend award-winning identity and security technologies to deliver a solution that enforces access policies to reduce your risk.

Identity Tracking for Identity Manager: Reducing Risk, Raising Governance and Improving the Bottom Line White PaperA white paper

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