Learn how to manage identity, access and security across the organization, in real time

It's not enough to have a great SIEM system, a great access management system, and a great identity management system. Vital information is siloed in each system's data store, where the other systems can't see it. This means some kinds of security breaches are impossible to notice before it's too late.

This technical brief reviews the separate functions of these systems, and explains the benefits of integrating identity and security information using Identity Tracking. This product is a great example of our intelligent identity and access management solutions. It gives you a real-time view of your organization and its security status. It cross-validates identity and security information in real time, so you always know who is accessing what, when they are doing it and if they are authorized to see it.

Download this informative, richly illustrated brief today to explore:

  • The components of an Identity Infrastructure
  • The Identity Vault and Integration Modules
  • Rules, Roles, and Requests
  • Integrating Security, Identity, and Access Management

Sneak Peek

By mapping security information to identity profiles, Identity Tracking enables your organization to improve its ability to identify and investigate security breaches. Without this integration, if a user attempted to access a sensitive customer database he was provisioned to by overriding security protocols, database administrators would only know that someone tried to break in. With identity-enabled security information, these same administrators could refer to an easy-to-read, real-time dashboard showing who attempted the security breach, what else he or she has been doing recently, and what other accounts the user has across the enterprise.

Identity Tracking: An Extension of Identity ManagementA technical brief

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