Enable Business Users to Manage Their Own Access

How do your business users request access to resources? How do business managers approve that access? If you’re like many organizations, those requests go to someone within IT to fulfill, but should IT be responsible for deciding what access to grant or revoke?

Identity Manager Home is a new web interface designed directly for business users – average employees and their managers – to manage their own access needs such as:

  • Find available resources such as applications or information
  • See what current access is granted
  • Submit requests to access resources
  • Review and approve requests
  • See current state of requests – where it’s at in the process

It makes sense to move decisions about access provisioning to business leaders, but the interface for business users must be entirely intuitive and uncluttered, or they won’t use it.

Identity Manager Home helps keep the business productive and reduces the workload on IT of managing access requests. Get started by watching the video demo today.

Identity Manager Home IntroductionA video

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Identity Manager Home DemoA video

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