Data just got personal

What it is, what it means—and how it affects you


The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be enforced from 25 May 2018. Authorities can already impose fines for breaches or loss of personal data. EU citizens can expect more control of their personal data, and easier access to it. GDPR compliance means increased assessment, detective controls and improved data security principles.

Is this your organization?

  • Do you own or process data on EU citizens?
  • Do you offer goods or services to EU individuals?
  • Do you hold information on citizens in the EU, even if you are based outside the EU?

Then your organization is within the GDPR’s remit. Work may be needed to achieve compliance.
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The GDPR is a game-changer for organizations holding, and protecting, personal, identifiable data on EU citizens. Because the financial penalties for those failing to uphold data protection, or suffering a breach are so huge, data cyber-risk is no longer ‘just’ an IT problem. The whole organization must prepare—and take responsibility for—data compliance.
Download our Quick Reference Guide for a walkthrough of the key points of the GDPR and its consequences. Micro Focus can help.


The basic principle behind the GDPR is data protection, and the strength of an organization’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) strategy will determine how compliant they are. An internal decision-making process decides what must be done, and when. It attributes resources to the plan. The Identity Powered Security (IPS) strategy must focus on three capabilities:

Manage & Govern Rights
Enforce Access Controls
Monitor User Activity

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If you are ready to take your first step towards achieving your IAM goals and avoiding damaging effects and fall out of GDPR non-compliance, then our Data Protection Assessment is an important next step.

Our free Data Protection Assessment takes a view on an organization’s IAM maturity, where there are gaps and proposes a number of questions for further discussion. Addressing these gaps is an important and positive move towards GDPR compliance. Full maturity means that an organization has achieved the demonstrable improvements required to meet GDPR-levels of compliance.

Next steps

The Micro Focus IAM portfolio can help. But understanding what the GDPR is, and what it means to you, is paramount. To find out more and begin your path to compliance click here and view everything from our Quick Reference Guide to a free Data Protection Assessment document.

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