With our eBook you'll discover five things you need to know about disaster recovery planning

Check how your disaster recovery plan measures up against the five key elements required by today's successful businesses. This valuable guide explores the latest issues, challenges and approaches, including mixed-platform data centers and cloud computing.

In this eBook you'll learn how to:

  • Achieve dramatic improvements to RTO and RPO
  • Recover servers in a few clicks
  • Select multiple recovery points and roll back to any of them
  • Run normally while the production environment is being restored
  • Restore servers to the same or different hardware

We are the only vendor with a complete disaster recovery solution spanning physical, virtual and cloud environments:

  • Around 1,800 organizations trust us for their disaster recovery
  • You can protect operating systems, applications and data
  • Everything is safe within a single, bootable recovery environment

Giving you the edge

With us, you can simplify the ongoing management of servers. Our solutions profile, migrate, protect and manage servers running on physical machines, virtual hosts, and public/private clouds. Plus, our agnostic approach allows you to migrate between multiple hypervisors and cloud computing platforms. Our solutions evolve with your data center, ensuring your IT environment is always efficient, well-balanced and resilient. Make the most of your current and future data center investments with our solutions. Find out more at www.netiq.com.

eBook Cover: Five Things You Need to Know About Disaster Recovery Planning

Five Things You Need to Know About Disaster Recovery PlanningAn eBook

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