Sentinel Frequently Asked Questions

Customers that are new to Sentinel® typically have questions that are not always technical. This includes where to get license keys, where the software download is located, etc. Your sales representative and the technical support team are both available to help answer your questions and to facilitate resolution of any issues that may exist. The following FAQ is intended to help answer the most common questions and direct you to the right resources if additional help is needed.

Sentinel Support Resources

Where do I go if I have problems?

Your sales representative will be happy to facilitate resolution of any issues you might have.

How do I access my on-Demand Sentinel training?

Log into the Customer Center.

  1. (You may need to create a separate login to access the Customer Center.) Select Administration > Order Tracking on the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. Double-click the order labeled training.
  3. Click the Registration/Installation link. (This registers you for the training.)
  4. Select My training > on-Demand Training. (This starts course delivery, which takes about 24 hours.)
  5. Wait 24 hours.
  6. Select My Training > on-Demand Training and access your training.

Where can I get information about additional training?

See the Training.

Where do I go to participate in Sentinel customer forums?

See the Sentinel Forums.

Sentinel Downloads

Where do I download Sentinel software? Choose the product and version from the drop down menus and click search.

Where do I get Sentinel documentation?

See the Documentation site, and select your version of Sentinel.

Where can I get updated plug-ins, additional utilities, and documentation?

See the Sentinel Plug-ins page.

Sentinel Virtual Appliance and Traditional Software Deployment Options

Sentinel supports both traditional software installation and Virtual Appliance deployment options. The following questions address the resources you will need depending on the option selected.

How do I confirm if my Sentinel installation is an appliance or software install?

Open the Sentinel Web user interface (https://<sentinel hostname>:8443/novellsentinel/views/main.html). Look in the top middle part of the window. Right next to the "Downloads" icon there will be an "Appliance" icon if you are using the appliance.

Sentinel Virtual Appliance

Where do I go to access my license key or registration code for my Sentinel appliance?

See the Customer Center.

How do I register my Sentinel appliance?

See Technical Information Document (TID) 7008005.

How do I get software updates for my Sentinel appliance?

Use the WebYast interface, which includes patch management. Access WebYast by visiting https://<sentinel hostname>:54984/controlpanel.

Sentinel Traditional Software Installation

Where do I go to access my license key for my Sentinel installation?

See the Customer Center.

How do I get software updates for my non-appliance Sentinel?

Content and Customization

How can I create custom content (Reports, Collectors, etc.) for my Sentinel installation?

The Sentinel Plug-in SDK can be used to create most types of plug-ins for use within your Sentinel installation.

Where can I get support for my custom plug-ins?

Custom plug-ins are supported by the developer community through the Plug-in SDK Forum.

Security Manager Customers

How do I upgrade Security Manager to Sentinel?

This topic is large enough that it gets its own FAQ.

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