Virtual appliance packaging

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Faster time to value
  • Respond to usage needs faster

Sentinel™ 7's virtual appliance packaging allows for fast, easy, and cost effective deployment. As opposed to hardware-based options, you can quickly ramp deployment to handle growth and additional capacity as your security needs change.

We deliver Sentinel 7 as a virtual appliance (via an International Organization for Standardization [ISO] image) on all major hypervisors (VMware, HyperV and XEN), and as installable software on SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server and Red Hat Enterprise Server. With deployment and licensing models that are extremely flexible, you can deploy SIEM and log management across your organization to meet its particular usage needs. Sentinel Enterprise employs a flexible searching and event-forwarding mechanism, allowing the deployment architecture to adapt to your environment, even with a highly distributed deployment.

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