Sentinel Key Features

Plug and play deployment

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Faster time to value
  • Respond to usage needs faster

Sentinel®'s virtual appliance packaging allows for fast, easy, and cost effective deployment. As opposed to hardware-based options, you can quickly ramp deployment to handle growth and additional capacity as your security needs change. Support for commodity data storage allows you to replace specialized high availability SAN-type devices. Read more ›

Detects new threats quickly and easily

  • Automate threat discovery and remediation
  • Critical threat information landing page
  • Optional scalable storage backend uses the Cloudera/Hadoop infrastructure for enhanced data mining

Various inconsistencies happen within the computing environment that are often difficult to identify as potential or real threats to investigate. Anomaly detection in Sentinel enables you to automate identification and alert on anomalous activity without the need to know exactly what you are looking for. With alerts and evidence of unknown threat in hand, you can speed remediation and better mitigate risk. Read more ›

Easy configuration and adaptability for faster threat mitigation

  • Easily and quickly respond to changes in your environment
  • Increase security effectiveness
  • Extensive training and expertise not required

Stopping advanced threats requires advanced features—that are easy to implement! Sentinel's graphical, drag and drop approach to correlation rule building allows you to quickly build event correlation rules without significant training or learning a proprietary scripting language allowing you to quickly configure and tune for your environment and easily adjust when the changes occur. Read more ›

Greater visibility into user activities

  • Understand how users make use of access privileges
  • Respond and mitigate insider threats faster
  • Cloudera/Hadoop infrastructure delivers rich integration options with identity and access solutions

Sentinel delivers the industry's only seamless integration with identity management to tie users to specific activities across the enterprise. Enriching security data with the unique identity information of users and administrators provides significantly more insight into the "who, what, when, and where" of user system access. Read more ›

Only need log management?

  • All–in–one software appliance
  • Easy collection, analysis and reporting of security logs
  • Lower total cost of ownership

For companies looking only for simple, yet powerful log management capabilities, Sentinel Log Manager provides intelligent, easy to use, and cost-effective log management to proactively manage risk and address compliance reporting needs. Read more ›

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