Provide secure authentication that boosts productivity for both users and IT

Automated integration

SecureLogin delivers out-of-the-box SSO support for complex web applications and Java-based applications, as well as dozens of terminal-based applications. It also supports enterprise applications such as these: Read more ›

  • SAP
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Citrix
  • Lotus Notes
  • GroupWise
  • And more

Integration wizard

SecureLogin doesn't make you use complicated scripts to integrate into your environment, but instead gives you a market-leading integration wizard. SecureLogin comes with pre–done integrations with dozens of applications so on-boarding your applications is automated and fast right out of the box.

Advanced authentication supports multiple login methods

For those of you who need highly secure advance authentication methods, SecureLogin supports most types of smart cards, proximity cards, token-based, and biometric authentication devices.

SSO for your disconnected users

For extending SSO to more users wherever they are, SecureLogin operates in both connected and disconnected states so users can gain the security of single sign-on even when not logged into the network. It can even be configured to require authentication against a pass-phrase when your users are working offline. Read more ›

Fast user switching

For essential protection of workstations in healthcare, manufacturing, and retail, SecureLogin quickly secures the workstation when left alone. Read more ›

Self Service Password Administration

Self Service Password Reset enables users to reset their passwords or unlock their account without calling help desk. And because Identity Manager distributes password updates in real time across all your physical and virtual resources, your entire environment is password maintenance free. Read more ›