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How well is your sensitive data protected from breaches, exploits, or cyber-attacks? An automated, continuous process that monitors your systems for adherence to industry regulations and security best practices can help.

assessing system configurations for superior information protection

Assessing system configurations

Organizations of all sizes must adapt to the new ways employees and customers want to conduct business. Whether your IT environment is being driven by mobility, consumerization, cloud, or any combination of these disruptive technologies, traditional approaches to mitigating data security and compliance risks are no longer effective. Instead, the focus must shift to protecting sensitive data wherever it resides, using automated solutions that enable efficient and reliable delivery of business services.

The good news is that the proactive application of simple and proven security controls can help you to manage your data security risk and dramatically increase your defenses.

Secure Configuration Manager™ helps you to create an automated, continuous process for implementing the proven security controls you need to improve the security of your IT infrastructure through:

  • Configuration Control–Proactively assesses system configurations in accordance with regulatory requirements and best practices:
    • Identifies, and helps teams prioritize the correction of, configuration problems and vulnerabilities before they result in breaches or failed audits
      • Missing patches
      • Configuration flaws
      • Dangerous services
      • Exposed accounts & passwords
    • Helps organizations maintain known "good" configurations and ensure best practices
      • Out-of-box compliance and best practices knowledge simplify configuration setting
      • Security intelligence provided by an automated service
  • Configuration State Intelligence–Integrates with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions to provide awareness of security vulnerabilities and compliance failures. Event information gives security teams relevant context for evaluating current threats.

  • User Entitlement–Audits user permissions for access to critical information:
    • Provides the business with answers to who has access and what level of access they have
    • Helps to maintain up-to-date access privileges and reduce risk of malicious or inadvertent exposure of sensitive data
  • Reports and Dashboards–At-a-glance reporting of risk and compliance status:
    • Provides greater visibility of security risk and compliance posture
    • Helps organize, explore, and analyze critical risk and compliance information

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