Automatic data filtering for continuous compliance

Prove compliance with permanent audit records 24x7x365, not just around compliance audits

The auditing and reporting capabilities in Privileged Account Manager help organizations prove compliance on an ongoing basis, not just around compliance audits.

Each event is pulled into a powerful audit reporting and management tool—the Compliance Auditor—that gives auditors enterprise-wide visibility, allowing them to prioritize responses to any anomalous activity.

As soon as an event is opened, auditors can view any recorded keystroke activity and apply a status of "authorized" or "unauthorized" to each event, with each change being automatically added to the permanent audit record. If the event requires further analysis, a workflow process escalates the event to the appropriate manager who can take immediate action.

Privileged Account Manager further simplifies the auditing process by:

  • Sending internal auditors automated e-mails showing a breakdown of events that require auditing
  • Detailing how long event records have aged before sign off
  • Sending automated e-mail alerts to senior security personnel when event records remain unaudited
  • Allowing auditors to record detailed notes against each event to form a permanent record of compliance
  • Filtering data to display only high-risk events that occurred within a specified time period

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