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  • Multi-platform support
    PlateSpin Migrate supports server migrations across cloud, virtual and physical environments, for enterprise-scale, medium-sized, or small projects.
  • Eliminate risk
    Perform unlimited live-testing of your servers before cutting them over to production. Reduce errors with our automation-focused solution, eliminating manual errors.
  • Near-zero downtime
    Scheduled, incremental replications occur automatically prior to cutover and help keep the final downtime to an absolute minimum.
  • Faster migrations
    Accelerate your server migrations. PlateSpin Migrate allows up to 15 simultaneous migrations per migration server instance, and can be scaled horizontally.

A trial activation code is valid for 30 days, allows for 3 server workload migrations, and comes with a weekday support entitlement. Service requests for trial migrations can be opened via the Micro Focus Customer Center.

Instructions: After registering, you will be guided to an authenticated download page. Accessing this page requires a Micro Focus Customer Center account. If you don't currently have a Micro Focus Customer Center account, you can create one as part of the download process. On the download page, you will see your trial activation code in red text. In order to activate your installed PlateSpin Migrate instance, you will use this trial activation code in combination with the email address linked to the Micro Focus Customer Center account that you used to perform the download.

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