Operations Center: Visualize and Monitor

Deliver superior service quality, including reduced downtime.

  • >70% Avoidance of service impacting events
  • Up to 100% prioritization aligned to business objectives
  • >90% Improvement in speed to diagnosis

Monitor Diagram

Monitor Diagram

Move from reactive to proactive
by 90%

  • When something goes wrong, you should be the first—and last—to know. More than 70 percent of service-impacting events are reported by customers. By the time you learn there's a problem, you've already lost relationships and revenue.

  • Operations Center can speed diagnosis and service restoration by 90 percent. Our solution also consolidates information from existing IT management tools into one live view that links business and IT goals. This end-to-end management capability improves organization-wide communication and responsiveness.

  • Driven by a revolutionary new intelligent service model, Operations Center breaks down the barriers between your data sources to present a single-pane-of-glass view of your complex infrastructure and mission-critical services. Get a comprehensive, real-time picture of availability and performance—and take control of your data center.

View the demo

View the demo

Monitor IT health

Operations Center allows you to monitor the health of your entire mixed-IT environment with a true end-to-end service management view. Our solution consolidates all data sources and provides a comprehensive, easy-to-understand diagnosis. Built for IT and business users, it presents more than just a picture of your infrastructure health. It also presents a way for business users to understand IT considerations and for IT to recognize business impact.

In addition, Operations Center maximizes the effectiveness of your responses because the health of your infrastructure is defined by your business goals, not arbitrary IT parameters. Rule-based, automated prioritization and weighting allow you to focus your limited resources on the events that matter most to your organization.

View the demo

View the demo

See your customer’s experience

Get ahead of downtime and stay ahead. Over 85 percent of IT's time is spent reacting and maintaining, the equivalent of 1-2 percent of your revenue. Operations Center gives you the performance information you need to recognize slow performance before your users call.

Operations Center uses passive, synthetic transactions and user transactions for web applications to measure end-user response times from web-based applications. As a result, it enriches the intelligent service model that provides your IT and business users with information for more effective and proactive decision-making.

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