Operations Center: Integrate and Organize

Get ahold of your business by integrating information.

  • >30% Improvement in process efficiencies
  • Reduction in service impacting events caused by change
  • Adherence to standards and change processes

Monitor Diagram

Monitor Diagram

Map even complex infrastructures

Your organization must stay agile to stay ahead. However, every change to IT services makes you vulnerable to error and unnecessary expense.

Operations Center can map even the most complex physical, virtual, cloud and multi-sourced infrastructures to give you a clear understanding how all the complex pieces of your infrastructure, operating systems, and applications deliver critical IT and business services. Our solution includes:

  • Configuration Management System
  • Federated configuration management database (CMDB)
  • Fully integrated approach to discovery and dependency mapping

Make sure IT changes don't have unanticipated effects on your organization's mission-critical services. With Operations Center, you'll have a complete view of the relationships and dependencies within your infrastructure. As a result, you'll be able to keep up with service demands while confidently maintaining compliance.

Discover relationships

Managing standard-configuration adherence and change compliance can be nerve-wracking because of the diverse elements—IT resources, network relationships and communication relationships—that compose configurations.

Operations Center integrates with many management technologies to discover items and relationships. Using this information, the solution can build the initial configuration models and later keep them in synch. As a result, you can ensure standards are adhered to and changes occur in compliance with your change policy.

Correlate IT and business data for real—time insight

Reports are for grade school. Today's IT environments are all grown-up, and they require 24/7 management.

Right now, your internal resources probably spend about 10 days a month compiling service-level reports that are effectively obsolete by the time they hit your desk. Are you ready to graduate to proactive monitoring, mapping, measurement and management? Operations Center can help.

Our solution enables IT organizations to deliver high-quality services to the business—in terms that the business requires. By correlating IT and business data, Operations Center gives you real-time, real-world insight into your most critical business services and applications.

Organize Information

Operations Center federates multiple live data sources and holds an operational model. It also provides a panoramic view of your infrastructure and makes it easy for business users to perform specialized management and analysis tasks. Data sources are automatically accessed and reconciled with the model.

  • Relationships and Dependencies: Operations Center consolidates data from multiple sources, delivering a service view of infrastructure components, their relationships to one another and their configuration settings.

  • Impact Analysis: Driven by an intelligent service model, Operations Center empowers IT organizations to assess the potential impact of a change, thus preventing service-affecting events. Changes can be combined to maximize efficiency and assessed against service calendars to ensure they won't occur at high-risk times for the business or that multiple changes do not collide.

  • Standards and Change Control: Change is difficult. Maintain control with a Configuration Management System that automatically syncs the last approved model with the current operating environment and change records. Operations Center flags unapproved changes so you can take action before they cause problems—and improve your rate of successful changes.

Configuration Management System

Turn your static data repository into a dynamic resource that supports your business goals. The Configuration Management System in Operations Center automates synchronization between your operational and your approved CMDB. By providing insight into the impact of actual and proposed configuration changes, our solution lets your IT organization make adjustments and improvements with speed and confidence.

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