Business Service Management

Delivering Service Value

  • >70% Avoidance of service impacting events
  • Up to 100% prioritization aligned to business objectives
  • >90% Improvement in speed to diagnosis

With our Business Service Management solutions, you will breathe easier—and so will your customers. The truth is that customers report more than 70 percent of service-impacting events. By the time you learn there's a problem, you've already lost relationships and revenue. That's why events that affect mission-critical services can cost organizations like yours 1 to 2 percent of revenue. With our IT service management capabilities, you can deliver premium service value to your customers so they won't lose confidence in you.

Stop babysitting your data center. Operations Center, the core of our Business Service Management solutions, features true service-performance monitoring that includes multifaceted technical availability and business performance. Data from multiple sources is presented in a live view so you can proactively avoid service-impacting events. And on the rare occasions when such events do occur, we speed diagnosis and restoration by 90 percent.

The wide range of IT service management features let you maximize your current investments and link business and IT goals by consolidating information from existing IT management tools, technologies and data sources. Operations Center presents a single-pane-of-glass view of your complex infrastructure and mission-critical services. This view provides a comprehensive, easy-to-understand picture of availability and performance from which to drive your business. Plus, it improves organization-wide communication and allows you to quickly pinpoint the offending component before it affects service.

And on the rare occasions when you do experience a service-impacting event, faster root-cause analysis combined with business-driven IT priorities means you'll be able to restore service before your customers even know there's an issue. You'll be able to prioritize response and restoration to the services that are most critical to your organization for maximum service value.

Our revolutionary intelligent service model incorporates business context into monitoring activities, including data like business calendars and value/volume of business transactions. Because IT is automatically alerted to factors such as market, business and usage conditions, you can align your decisions with business goals and proactively deliver high-quality IT service.

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