Business Service Management

Monitoring and Meeting Service Achievement

  • Maturity improvement to proactive in <90 days
  • 1-2% of Revenue annually towards growth
  • Risk mitigation in live views

Do you want to make sense of your increasingly complex IT environment? Operations Center, the heart of our Business Service Management solutions, helps you do just that. Its powerful Service Dashboards transform complicated technology into actionable, easy-to-understand business communications. Now you're empowered to deliver service value, meet service compliance, communicate service achievement and more.

Our Service Dashboards collect data from various back-end sources, consolidate it and then present it graphically based on your role or objectives. You can configure your live, single-pane-of-glass view any way you like. Focus on the big picture or drill down for deeper and deeper data points—it's up to you. And don't waste time slogging through irrelevant data to make critical decisions.

Delivering service value is all about avoiding service-impacting events—and minimizing their impact on those rare occasions when they occur. Our Service Dashboards feature the latest push/pull Web 2.0 technology to provide real-time information so you can take corrective action before service quality is affected. Armed with this insight, you can not only avoid service loss but also find strategic solutions that align with your business goals.

Meeting service compliance is a lot easier if you can reduce the risk associated with IT changes. Driven by an intelligent service model, Operations Center empowers you to assess the potential impact of a change and take action before it causes problems. Our Service Dashboards go a step further, giving you a complete view of the relationships and dependencies within your infrastructure. As a result, you can keep up with service demands more easily while maintaining compliance with confidence.

Communicating service achievement means you must first understand what's really going on with your most critical business services and applications. Our Service Dashboards monitor and present a real-time view of your environment's performance. This live view allows you to take action to improve service performance proactively and offers the perspective you need to communicate service achievement throughout the organization.

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