Business Service Management

Meeting Service Compliance

  • >30% Improvement in process efficiencies
  • Reduction in service impacting events caused by change
  • Adherence to standards and change processes

Many organizations make do with outdated resources because IT changes can have catastrophic effects on mission-critical services. In fact, more than 80 percent of all downtime is caused by processes, people and change. So managing change clearly should be a priority in every organization.

The challenge is embracing the new technologies, services and enhancements you need to sustain your competitive edge while also mitigating risk and keeping the business on course. At the core of our Business Service Management solutions, Operations Center effectively maps the most complex physical, virtual, cloud and multisourced infrastructures. The automated controls enable your IT organization to make changes to improve service and confidently maintain service compliance.

Operations Center is powered with an integrated approach to discovery and dependency mapping, so business and IT users always have access to the information they need to make critical decisions. We recognize that no single discovery source will map your environment. That's why our solutions integrate multiple data sources into a complete end-to-end service view that's easy to understand and configure.

Working from this live view gives IT clear insight into the business impact of actual and proposed configuration changes. They also get the perspective to:

  • Successfully combine changes for maximum efficiency
  • Assess change against service calendars
  • Mitigate risk of change during peak business times
  • Ensure optimal service for the business

In addition, change policy is automatically synced with the current operating environment and unapproved changes are flagged before they can cause problems. The ability to automatically detect the differences between what is operationally in use and what was last approved ensures service compliance for audits and regulatory policies.

If you do experience a service-impacting event, Operations Center's real-time, end-to-end service view highlights recent changes—approved or unapproved. As a result, you can trace the problem back to the source and restore service quickly. This controlled risk, automated service compliance and speed-to-restoration gives you the agility and flexibility you need to stay compliant while making the IT changes necessary to stay ahead.

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