Frequently Asked Questions

Does PlateSpin® Migrate support migrating across hardware vendors (e.g. HP into Dell)?

Yes, PlateSpin Migrate uses patented workload portability technology to be able to automatically perform any HAL, kernel, and driver changes required to migrate across different hardware vendors.

Does PlateSpin Migrate support migrating into a blade environment?

Yes, PlateSpin Migrate lets you migrate to any physical x86 server hardware, including blades.

Does PlateSpin Migrate support Microsoft Hyper-V?

Yes, Microsoft Hyper-V is a supported target for migrations.

How long does a typical migration job take to complete?

The timing of workload migrations with PlateSpin Migrate can vary depending on several external factors such as network availability and the size of the workload. However PlateSpin Migrate has been specifically engineered to be the most robust migration tool on the market in terms of speed and scalability.

Does PlateSpin Migrate support NIC teaming?

Yes, PlateSpin Migrate supports NIC teaming for source Windows workloads, but the NICs will not be teamed on the target side.

Does PlateSpin Migrate support Windows Clusters?

Yes, PlateSpin Migrate is the only workload migration product on the market to support migration of Windows clusters in a non-disruptive manner.

Does PlateSpin Migrate take control require me to insert a boot CD/DVD into the source workload server or does the Migrate (boot file modification) take care of it? I want to perform an offline migration from a remote location.

A user should be able to boot the source with the ISO remotely via PXE. Along those same lines, if the issue is the lack of a physical optical drive, we have a process to create a bootable USB thumb drive as well. Click here for more information.

What is a workload?

A workload is the logical "software stack" that would be residing on compute resources. For example: OS, Middleware (if applicable), Application, Data (if applicable).

You can think of it as all the "stuff" that actually does anything. The physical or virtual server resources simply provide the horsepower running the workload.

Common question—what if I have multiple applications? If the multiple applications are all residing on one OS, then it's simply ONE big workload that looks like this:

If it's multiple apps that run on multiple OS, then it'd look like this:
and thus be TWO workloads.

It's an industry accepted definition now as well. VMware uses the same term 99% of the time in the same context.

Can I use Migrate to do a P2V migration for an entire physical server—including OS—the same as I did with PowerConvert?

PlateSpin Migrate is simply the next generation evolution of the PlateSpin PowerConvert product. If you have had experience with the previous product, you'll be glad to know that all of the former capabilities remain intact—along with some significant upgrades as well. All of the changes and enhancements are covered here in the product documentation.

Does PlateSpin Migrate support P2V of Red Hat 8.0 to VMware vSphere 4.1?

No we do not support that. Red Hat 8 is the open source Fedora build. We only support the commercial distributions of Red Hat and SUSE®. The commercial version of Red Hat is only at v5.

What service packs and updates for the supported platforms does this product support?

On the Technical Info tab for each PlateSpin product, we only list the base versions that we support. Our policy for service packs and other minor updates is as follows:

Platform Support: we support all minor updates and service packs for all the platforms that are listed in our product documentation.

Platform Verification: there is a difference between platform support and verification; platform verification is a guarantee that the specific version of the platform will work with the product out of the box. Verification involves running a series of tests in our lab and ensuring there are no issues with the specific platform and the tested product version. We go through the verification exercise every time we have a major or minor release and if time allows, we do it in-between releases.

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