The only cloud-ready identity management service

Identity Manager positions your enterprise for the future of cloud computing by extending identity management across SaaS applications and other resources beyond your firewall.

Intelligent and efficient provisioning

For over a decade, we have offered a comprehensive set of connectors for a variety of operating systems and platforms, enabling enterprises to scale quickly and securely. Our SaaS connectors give you cloud provisioning capabilities. You can automatically provision and deprovision access to cloud resources and roll out new applications with the intelligence and efficiency you expect.

Consistent security

Providing business services in the cloud is all about managing workloads. Therefore, Identity Manager ensures identity and access controls are central to every user activity. Access is based on your business policy, not the requirements of a third-party hosting service or managed-service provider. As a result, security is consistent across your enterprise, no matter where your users work or where your systems are hosted.

Concerned about compliance? Identity Manager leverages your enterprise's security policies for cloud-based applications, giving you a sustainable SaaS compliance solution. Our comprehensive reporting captures and stores all cloud-based provisioning activities 24/7, so you can prove your access policies are enforced—even in today's world of dynamic, virtualized computing.

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