Lightning-fast administration for greater agility

Boost IT responsiveness—along with your users' productivity—with quick and easy identity and access management.

With Identity Manager, enterprise-wide identity management is supported by an intelligent provisioning infrastructure. It is based on roles and rules and workflows that require little human intervention. This makes identity administration much easier, and reduces helpdesk calls.

At the core of Identity Manager is a unified packaging framework that contains high quality, loosely connected policy content packets. This framework is modular, so you can upgrade, downgrade, modify, or introduce new policies without disrupting your existing business services. This also lets you add new policies into your policy infrastructure with ease. What's more, Identity Manager provides intuitive, pick-and-click capabilities. So you can make policy adjustments without the burdens of custom coding.

Designer drag-and-drop

Role and resource mapping

Roles mapping

Identity Manager also allows for easy integration of non-connected security policies through a simple drag-and-drop mapping of user permissions with Identity Manager roles. Our industry leading Roles Mapping Administrator console, provides you one view of all the roles and permissions tied to a target system so that you can easily integrate or update your roles to create a unified governing policy without any coding.

Identity Vault

Identity Dashboard

Reduce overhead costs

Identity Manager also supports extensive self-service, a plus for both users and your IT team. The customizable, user-friendly dashboard allows business users to manage their own access, track access requests and delegate tasks. Plus, every activity is recorded to support audits. And as you would expect, Identity Manager supports single sign-on to the user application, letting users sign-in without having to re-enter their username and password.

The results? Costly helpdesk calls are reduced dramatically. Your IT team and network administrators can focus on projects that build the business. And users—from employees and contractors to partners and customers—receive up-to-date access that increases their ability to do their jobs.

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