Safely change group policies

Remove the risk of untested changes, inaccurate archives, and unforeseen consequences. Natively determining the most recent GPO to avoid overwriting changes for example, can be a time-consuming process requiring manual scripting. With Group Policy Administrator®, you control, model, and test Group Policy Object versions and changes off-line in your own Active Directory environment with assurance of accuracy before implementation.

  • Model off-line
  • Test before implementing
Group Policy Administrator Console

Group Policy Administrator Console

Detailed privilege delegation

Group Policies changes affect everyone in your enterprise. To minimize risk of organizational impact, Group Policy Administrator's robust delegation and lifecycle workflow process allows you to assign roles and privileges to critical stakeholders to perform the tasks within their specific areas of responsibility and expertise, including GPO development and edits, analysis, testing, and approval before a GPO is published to production.

Detailed reports

Staying compliant and reducing risk is easier with Group Policy Administrator. You receive detailed and comparative reports allowing you to diagnose errors, determine the cumulative effect and document all changes. This is perfect for passing audits, proving compliance and showing the results of GPO changes.

  • Diagnose errors
  • Determine effects
  • Document changes

Built-in capabilities

Built-in tools help you analyze, compare, troubleshoot and test all your Group Policy Objects. You can develop, consolidate, and maintain Group Policy Objects across your entire environment, including untrusted domains and multi-forest and multi-domain environments, from a secure centralized repository using features such as the GPA Merge Facility, GP Explorer, and activity reports.

  • Analyze
  • Compare
  • Troubleshoot

Advanced search

Search for and locate GPOs in both the repository and Active Directory with ease. Advanced search capabilities allow you to find GPOs according to name, keywords, computer and user settings, and key and value pairs.


Automated efficiency

Increase productivity and consistency. Powerful automation capabilities make routine, repetitive and manual administration tasks easier and more efficient. Supports PowerShell CMDlets and the .NET framework with VB scripts for flexible automation.