Imagine Microsoft Exchange administration—easily delegated, controlled and audited

Efficient administration

It's easy to ensure everyone can do their jobs by granting them unlimited access to Exchange, right? WRONG! If you care about security, compliance, or saving yourself the headaches of fixing your Exchange services after well-intentioned administration—then you need the fine—grained delegation provided by Exchange Administrator™.

Increase security, restrict views

Because you can restrict user and administrator views to controls, information, and options they have rights too—you can increase your security and decrease confusion about what users and administrators can actually do.

Centralized, secure logs and reports

Having a tamper-resistant repository of all administrative activity is an imperative in today's compliance- and regulation-driven world. Your CEO might want to know how many people have administrative rights or an auditor might need to see who performed certain administrative actions and when. With flexible reporting, you can!


Let's face it—your users could be doing some tasks themselves without the assistance of help desk personnel or IT staff. Resetting their passwords or updating their information in Exchange should be simple. With Exchange Administrator combined with Secure Password Administrator, it is!

Powerful automation

Exchange Administrator, added onto Directory and Resource Administrator™ Advanced Edition, delivers an automated approach to administration, which helps you expedite administration and reduce manual tasks while enforcing the security controls necessary to protect your Exchange services.