Full-service, secure directory

NetIQ eDirectory™ is a full-service, secure LDAP directory providing incredible scalability and an agile platform to run your organization's identity infrastructure and multi-platform network services.

Smart NetIQ eDirectory features

Full-service directory

A full service directory is a general-purpose database that manages the discovery, security, storage, and relationships of your enterprise's information.

  • Discovery—enables you to browse, search, and retrieve specific information from the directory.
  • Security—controls access to the all the information that is stored in the directory.
  • Storage—gives you the basic ability to save information in the database structure of your directory for future reference.
  • Relationship—builds associations between the people, network devices, network applications, and information in your enterprise.

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) compliant

NetIQ eDirectory is LDAP compliant so you can connect and access it through commonplace access protocols, making it easy to integrate in your enterprise.

Incredible scalability and agility

Tested with not thousands or millions, but with billions of directory objects—NetIQ eDirectory can deliver the scalability and agility you need to run your enterprise no matter your size.


NetIQ eDirectory runs on all types of platforms—Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, and more—so it's sure to integrate into your enterprise, no matter what systems you are running.

Your success is our business

National Taiwan Normal Universit

The National Taiwan Normal University chose NetIQ eDirectory and Identity Manager for an integrated, automated and secure identity management system, enabling easy provisioning and reducing IT workload.

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