Centralized, secure auditing and reports

Ensure compliance by auditing all administrative activity and storing tamper-resistant audit logs

Industry and governmental regulations focus on enforcing controls to protect critical data like health care, financial, customer, or employee information. These regulations also require organizations to store log information about critical data access for an extended period of time. This puts a burden on organizations not only to implement secure processes but also to document and maintain records of those processes.

NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator helps organizations reduce the burden of maintaining and achieving compliance by auditing all administrative activity, and compressing and storing it in tamper-resistant audit logs. These comprehensive audit logs provide information on who accessed data, what data was accessed, when the access occurred, and where the data was stored. Administrators easily generate standard reports, customize reports, and create their own reports from audited information. Integration with NetIQ Reporting Center also allows managers to access, customize, and create summary reports from Directory and Resource Administrator audit information.

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