Active Directory and Office 365 self-administration

Secure Password Administrator

Delegate just the right amount of AD administrative authority so users can make simple changes to their information

Requiring your help desk or IT staff to perform simple tasks such as editing personal information, providing application access, and resetting passwords wastes time and diverts expertise from more important issues. Yet granting all users broad administrative rights to Active Directory and Office 365 introduces unacceptable risk.

With Directory and Resource Administrator™, you can delegate just the right amount of administrative privilege to users and business owners to make simple changes to their own information. A task-centric web console allows users to:

  • Reset and manage their passwords*
  • Edit basic information
  • Grant access to the applications they own
  • Contact the help desk for only critical needs, not daily maintenance

Directory and Resource Administrator self-service allows your qualified IT staff to focus on more strategic and complex projects, rather than being consumed with basic tasks.

* End-user password management is accomplished with optional Self Service Password Reset, a stand-alone product that works with Directory and Resource Administrator and other products.

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