Restricted views for increased security

Restricted view for Active Directory security

Fig. 1 Restricted ActiveView shows only what resources or functionalities you want people to see.

Control administrative access based on job function

Native Active Directory and Office 365 administration tools lack an ability to customize user access based on job function. As a result, many organizations end up with too many employees with privilege to access critical data that is not needed to do their job.

This elevated access poses multiple security threats from unintentional errors or malicious abuse. Furthermore, a lack of in-depth native auditing makes it difficult to perform forensics or roll-back an unauthorized change in the event of a security incident.

Directory and Resource Administrator™ helps organizations improve their security posture by helping them to granularly set administrative access according to specific need, while eliminating the ability to view unauthorized information.

Dual-key security adds an additional level of protection by requiring two administrators to confirm a change. Comprehensive audit logs of all administrative activity also bolster security by enabling quick research and resolution of a security event.

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