Directory and Resource Administrator

Do too many people have broad privileges to administer Active Directory or Office 365? Is restricting their authority time-consuming and complicated? Are you at risk of errors or malicious activity? Directory and Resource Administrator® easily delegates just the proper administrative powers needed to administer Active Directory and Office 365.

Directory and Resource Administrator supports the following capabilities:

  • Single-point administration of Active Directory, Office 365, and hybrid Exchange environments
  • Full-proxy security model to protect Active Directory against unapproved changes and need for native privileges
  • In-depth identity privilege delegation featuring over 60 pre-defined roles and 300 pre-defined powers
  • Over 75 pre-defined and customizable reports for administrative and management use
  • Powerful and flexible workflow automation

This Directory and Resource Administrator Trial also contains a separate installation option for Aegis (DRA Workflow Automation), and a number of defect fixes, usability updates, and stability and performance improvements.

DRA Automation Workflow supports a wide range of process workflow automation capabilities:

  • Improves efficiency while reducing service delivery time in support of Microsoft Active Directory, Office 365, and hybrid Exchange tasks, activities and responses
  • Flexible drag-and-drop process design and pre-execution workflow validation
  • Enforces consistent adherence to policy with automated record keeping
  • Reduces risk of unintentional error while alleviating experienced staff of redundant, time-consuming tasks

Directory and Resource Administrator
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