Your SIEM just got better

Sometimes SIEM needs a helping hand. Change Guardian closes the security intelligence gap.

Security information and event management (SIEM) has been—and will always be—a critical component of an organization's security "toolkit." However, the complexity of threats that organizations face from privileged users and external attackers, coupled with the advent of disruptive, business-enabling IT technologies such as cloud and mobility, means that organizations must now find ways to complement and extend what they have been able to do with traditional SIEM tools.

Your SIEM Just Got Better

Change Guardian integrates seamlessly with your SIEM to close the security intelligence gap.

A SIEM solution collects a massive amount of data so that the data can be correlated and analyzed, and action ultimately can be taken. By itself, SIEM is not enough to achieve sufficient layers of data protection and risk mitigation. It is limited by its dependence on native logs, which give little insight into the who, what, when, and where of an event.

Change Guardian™ complements and extends SIEM's ability to detect an insider or targeted attack through intelligent alerting of unauthorized access and changes to critical files, systems, and applications. Specifically, Change Guardian delivers:

  • Real-time change monitoring
    • Identifies and reports on changes to critical files, platforms and systems to help prevent breaches and ensure policy compliance.
    • Monitors all change: Who made the change, where the change was made, when the change was made, what change was made, and whether or not the change was authorized.
    • Provides real-time, intelligent alerts on unauthorized changes, enabling the fastest threat response.
    • Captures before-and-after values for objects, drilling down to detailed change reports. Investigators can quickly identify anomalies.
  • Privileged-user monitoring
    • Audits and monitors privileged-user activity to reduce the risk of insider attacks.
    • Provides a detailed audit trail of privileged-user activity across Microsoft Windows and Active Directory, UNIX and Linux environments.
    • Delivers real-time alerting on suspicious behavior to provide immediate visibility to changes that could lead to a breach.
  • File integrity monitoring
    • Helps to meet PCI DSS version 2.0 Requirement 11 by identifying, reporting and alerting on access and changes to critical content and sensitive Windows systems and files.
    • Helps to meet PCI DSS version 2.0 Requirement 10 by ensuring audit trails remain secure by alerting on changes to log files.

When integrated with SIEM solutions such as Sentinel Enterprise, Change Guardian works to enrich the "actionable intelligence" provided by the SIEM solution with the security event detail you need to identify and react quickly to threats. Armed with this comprehensive security intelligence, you will be better able to mitigate the impact of an attack before serious damage or compliance gaps can occur.

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