Lower cost compliance without the complexity

Policy-based monitoring helps you to demonstrate compliance simply and at lower cost.

Are you under constant pressure to meet multiple compliance mandates like PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, NERC CIP, SOX, and FISMA?

Change Guardian™ is a privileged-user activity and change monitoring solution that helps you to demonstrate compliance with various regulations, mandates, best practices, and internal policies through:

  • Policy-based change auditing
  • Automated audit alerting and reporting

Change Guardian provides the ability to specify monitoring policies in familiar, everyday language. This makes it easy for your security teams to associate Change Guardian policies with technical controls required by diverse regulations and mandates, as well as internal policies. Policy-based monitoring benefits include:

  • Faster and less costly demonstration of compliance - Easy-to-read policy statements align easily to technical controls, simplifying meaning and intent
  • Reduced time and complexity required for auditing - Activity is presented in straightforward and simple terms, diminishing the effort required for audit preparedness and proof of compliance
  • No need for event-type expertise - Detailed change audit information is presented simply and clearly, reducing the need for subject matter expertise and freeing up resources for other revenue-bearing activities
Lower Cost Compliance

Easy-to-read policy statements map to technical controls, making compliance demonstration faster and less costly.

Change Guardian centrally records and audits changes, consolidating and archiving change events from across your entire IT environment. This helps to reduce the complexity required to analyze multiple, disparate logs. The automated solution delivers daily and historical change auditing and reporting. Additional auditing and reporting benefits include:

Satisfies compliance mandates
  • Expanded Windows file integrity monitoring (FIM) includes the ability to demonstrate to auditors that FIM controls are effective, and that changes made during a service outage will be detected
  • Helps to meet PCI DSS compliance requirements for deployment of FIM tools that alert personnel to unauthorized modification of critical system files, configuration files or content files
Provides evidence of compliance at lower cost
  • Detailed auditing of policy lifecycle and assignment to address audit requests
  • Automated audit alerting and reporting reliably demonstrates compliance to auditors
Communicates security and compliance risk
  • Customizable, highly readable reports promote greater risk visibility to business stakeholders
  • Instantly know if activities were authorized or unauthorized
  • Get exact details of change or access to sensitive files, systems, and applications

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