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You can use our AppManager TCO calculator to see how upgrading to AppManager 9 from previous versions can benefit you and your own unique environment. Simply enter a few details about your current AppManager environment, and we’ll show you how much you can save!

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Application Performance Monitoring for the Real World

AppManager® 9 balances the rich feature set and monitoring depth you need, with the ease of use and automation to get you up and running quickly, and the intelligence and customization to deliver the right information at the right time.

New Benefits

NetIQ AppManager 9 comes with one key feature rarely seen on spec sheets: lower TCO. By dramatically optimizing and increasing performance, AppManager 9 scales to monitor more systems, process more events, and manage more agents, all without requiring any additional hardware. By upgrading to version 9, you can dramatically lower the hardware footprint needed to monitor your infrastructure. No more hard decisions between systems to monitor and capital expense. You can choose to monitor significantly more applications using your existing AppManager servers, or reduce the footprint of your AppManager installation without compromising either the number of applications you currently monitor or system performance.

Numbers Speak

Think you can't get something for nothing? Don't take our word for it—run the numbers yourself. Our TCO calculator will let you input details about your current AppManager installation and calculate the money you'll save by upgrading to version 9.

Use our TCO Calcluator to estimate your savings

How to Upgrade

Upgrading to AppManager version 9 is easier than you might think. And you have your choice of several methods.

View the following presentations to learn about the upgrade options and technical details of AppManager 9.