End-user experience monitoring for web and thick clients

Objectively measure your end-user's experience and be forewarned before they start calling the help desk.

AppManager® Response Time modules execute transactions from client PCs, collecting data about your application's availability and its performance. The Response Time modules can alert on poor response time or loss of availability. They provide the collected data points to Analysis Center, giving you reports that can help with troubleshooting, capacity planning and service level reporting.

AppManager Response Time for Microsoft Exchange

Monitors the availability and response time of typical Exchange operations, via Microsoft Outlook. This includes things like checking an Exchange Address Book entry, and reporting on how long this took and any errors that were generated.

AppManager Response Time for Web

Measures the response time of complex Web-based transactions through record and playback capabilities. With this module, you can also verify the performance and availability of web page URLs and key web services, such as SMTP and FTP.

user experience monitoring

Monitoring the user experience of the Order Entry System

AppManager Response Time for Windows

Measures the response time of virtually any application with a Windows thick client, including Citrix XenApp, through scriptable recording and playback of client operations.

Additional AppManager ResponseTime modules are available to measure transaction times on networks, for databases and for Active Directory servers. Read more ›

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