OLAP-based data warehousing and reporting

For longer-term data retention and analysis with multiple dimensions, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) efficiently aggregates data and generates reports.

olap-based reporting in Analysis Center

Analysis Center Console

Analysis Center is the OLAP-based reporting component of the AppManager® suite. It offers a comprehensive view of your IT operational health, performance and capacity trends.

These complex, time-based comparisons of performance across different servers and applications provide these benefits:

  • Improves productivity by providing customizable classification of data so you know where to focus attention.
  • Enables effective capacity management by providing the views necessary to accurately provision servers, and focus on capacity planning and virtualization.
  • Provides deep insight into your overall IT health and performance so you can more accurately anticipate service-level needs and requirements.
  • Enables enhanced performance management through drill down into detailed sub-reports from a customizable table of contents. This lets you view pertinent, easily accessible metrics for specific subsets of your environment.

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