Scheduled jobs

Efficiently perform critical tasks using AppManager's® robust job scheduling and script execution engine.

Knowledge Scripts® are the core elements within AppManager that enable monitoring of various systems and applications. These scripts run as jobs on the agents which reside on the systems that are monitored, or on a proxy server for agentless monitoring.

To ensure that these jobs run as scheduled, the AppManager Repository, also known as a QDB, maintains a record of which jobs are supposed to run on which agents, and the parameters for collecting events and data.

Custom Knowledge Scripts can be written by AppManager users to perform any number of useful tasks, and many of these are shared on the Qmunity Knowledge Depot.

Examples of these extensions to AppManager include:

  • Monitoring beyond out-of-the-box modules
  • Searching for files or lack of file presence
  • Automated event diagnosis and handling
  • Collecting configuration information

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