Automatic discovery and deployment

Automatic discovery helps you avoid monitoring gaps, which can lead to extended outages.

automatic discovery with Delta Discovery

Delta Discovery

Don't be the last to know about changes in your environment. With Delta Discovery, AppManager® discovers new configurations and raises events. This can trigger a change management process or initiate deployment of monitoring, in accordance with monitoring policy.

For example, when a new database instance that is critical to a customer application is added, it must be monitored in accordance with a policy based on service level objectives. A different database used for something less critical may need different thresholds for events, or less data collection. AppManager will:

  • Detect the change
  • Determine what monitoring policy needs to be applied
  • Either automatically apply the policy, or alert the correct user for authorization
  • Route events and data to the appropriate users
  • Automatically take pre-authorized actions when events occur

This level of automation differentiates AppManager from more simplistic monitoring tools, and is critical to reducing the risk of extended outages and reducing administration overhead.

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