Avaya IP Telephony Management

AppManager® for Avaya IP Telephony Management provides comprehensive monitoring, management and reporting for Avaya Communication Manager, Avaya Communication Server 1000 (CS 1000)and Avaya Communication Server 2100 (CS 2000).

AppManager for Avaya

AppManager for Avaya

As the complexity of converged data and voice networks continues to increase, we extend VoIP expertise to include event monitoring as well as gather call quality data in real time that can be used to accurately and quickly reflect the end user call experience.

Businesses continue to make significant enhancements to their IP networks, such as new IP telephony applications. The mission-critical nature of business voice services requires companies to continually monitor their status to minimize downtime. From the single-shop, hometown business to the global call center to the largest state university, if your phone system goes down, your business loses revenue, worker productivity suffers and your credibility can be jeopardized. It is no longer enough to just know if your system has a dial-tone. You need to know that your Avaya deployment can handle peak volumes.

Deployment of new IP telephony applications requires integrated management solutions that enable administrators to take control of their entire voice network and server infrastructure.

AppManager for Avaya solutions enable administrators to effectively monitor and manage service levels for IP Telephony applications, such as Avaya CM, Avaya CS 1000, and Avaya CS 2100. AppManager combines metrics for these Avaya platforms, and call quality with statistics about the availability and health of network devices and overall network performance for VoIP.

AppManager proactively monitors the performance of key servers to ensure the 24x7 availability of business-critical voice communication services. AppManager supports everything from systems and hardware management for Avaya CS 1000 and Avaya CS 2100, to voice quality and network device performance. AppManager in conjunction with Vivinet® Diagnostics quickly identifies the source of failures and performance problems and consolidates event management.

Using AppManager for proactive monitoring minimizes the cost of supporting Avaya VoIP services and functions, aids in capacity planning and can prevent outages of these business-critical voice solutions.

Succeed with our solution

  • Extends VoIP expertise with knowledge built into AppManager designed specifically for VoIP applications. This immediate insight into VoIP application health and availability dramatically decreases the time needed to manage converged VoIP technologies and applications.
  • Maximizes performance and availability with proactive 24x7 monitoring of the health and performance of the network, servers and VoIP applications. So you are immediately alerted to problems or potential problems in your VoIP environment.
  • Simplifies VoIP management so you can manage VoIP solutions—including IP phones, call servers, as well as the underlying IT infrastructure—from a single integrated console.
  • Provides powerful reporting capabilities with a flexible reporting infrastructure. Extensive reports allow for monitoring service levels, call quality, overall performance, usage trends and capacity planning.

Key features and benefits

  • Monitor Avaya Communication Manager server health by tracking key metrics, including CPU, memory usage and hard drive disk space in addition to key performance and availability metrics for the server.
  • Lower support costs and save time by automating routine management tasks and corrective actions, allowing you to redirect efforts to higher-value projects. Preconfigured AppManager Knowledge Scripts® allow you to set up comprehensive, 24x7 monitoring in minutes, eliminating time-consuming manual support processes.
  • Discover Communication Manager clusters with a single discovery job.
  • Track phone deregistration and disconnection status, real-time voice quality statistics on active phones, and an inventory of configured phones.
  • View announcement activity including dropped calls, queued calls, and peak port usage through a centralized console.
  • Receive, filter, and forward alarms generated by the Avaya Communication Manager server.
  • Diagnose performance degradation to quickly identify whether the source of performance problems is at the hardware, operating system or application level.
  • Increase availability with reduced network and application downtime, coupled with built-in automated actions. AppManager quickly identifies the source of failures and performance problems and consolidates event management.

AppManager is verified as compatible with following Avaya products:

  • Avaya Communication Manager v4.x and v5.x
  • Avaya Communication Manager v6.x
  • Communication Server 1000 S/M Rls. 3.0
  • Communication Server 1000 E/S/M Rls. 4.0
  • Communication Server 1000 E/S/M Rls. 4.5
  • Communication Server 1000 E/S/M Rls. 5.0
  • Communication Server 1000 E/M Rls 5.5
  • Communication Server 1000 E/M Rls 6.0
  • Communication Server 1000 E/M Rls 7.0
  • Communication Server 1000 E/M Rls 7.5
  • Communication Server 2100


  • AppManager for Avaya CM–Supports Avaya Communication Manager 4.x, 5.x, and 6.0.
  • AppManager for Avaya IP Telephony–Supports Avaya Aura CS 1000 and Avaya CS 2100.
  • AppManager for VoIP Quality–Includes support for H.323 Call Setup and SIP Call Setup.

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