Aegis Adapter for Sentinel

Real-time security events require real-time responses. Insider attacks, customer data protection, critical host security and regulatory compliance demand that security information and event management (SIEM) solutions provide integrated and automated security capabilities.

Aegis® and Sentinel™ enable you to model automated security processes to respond to events in real-time, without the need for unnecessary human intervention. By defining processes that respond to insider attacks, threats to customer data, or even unauthorized changes to critical business systems, Aegis enables Sentinel users to operationalize security, reduce costs and improve event response time.



Examples of automated processes with Sentinel and Aegis

A few examples of automated Security Information and Event Management processes include:

  • Automatic resolution or escalation of security events such as password resets or privilege changes
  • Rapid and targeted escalation of monitoring for privileged user activity associated with insider threats

Key benefits

  • Improve security event response quality. Automated responses to security events helps operationalize security processes, reduces wasted efforts and provides more consistent, reliable responses
  • Reduce workload. Respond to vulnerabilities or policy violations with fully automated review and remediation through automated processes while preserving best security practices for segregation of duties and integrating SIEM with ticketing systems for automated updates
  • Reduce response times. Fully integrate security solutions for both configuration assessments and event management to provide the fastest possible response to incidents with the maximum information available to your administrators and security professionals
  • Reduce the cost of critical host protection. Automation helps reduce the costs of securing hosts and achieving compliance, enables more scalable, repeatable compliance programs and streamlines your organization's compliance efforts

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