Aegis Adapter for Directory and Resource Administrator

The Aegis® Adapter for Directory and Resource Administrator reduces the workload and risk inherent in managing Microsoft Active Directory by empowering business self-service through integration with your Directory and Resource Administrator implementation.

By automating and extending self-service of day-to-day management responsibilities, you can support the demands of business changes more rapidly for users, groups and organizational units within Active Directory, while consistently applying the security controls that today's Identity and Access Management (IAM) initiatives require.

Aegis Adapter for Directory and Resource Administrator

Directory and Resource Administrator

Improving productivity with Aegis and Directory and Resource Administrator

Process automation allows you to drive faster and more accurate results, while applying a much-needed layer of security to your Active Directory implementation—without requiring more resources. These are a few examples of what you can automate:

  • Provisioning and de-provisioning users when triggered from updates in Human Resource applications. This reduces the time you spend waiting for IT resources to onboard new employees; reduces IT workloads to manage and retire user accounts; and provides an auditable process to improve compliance.
  • Performing automated clean-up maintenance of Active Directory such as removal of empty groups, users, or machines with expired passwords. This helps ensure that Active Directory remains a secure foundation for IAM initiatives, and reduces administrator workloads.
  • Provisioning and maintaining accurate groups in Active Directory as employees change responsibilities. This enables more accurate and secure assignment of groups as dynamic organizations re-deploy human resources.
  • Extending self-service of organizational units to business owners and stakeholders. This provides greater accuracy and creates a full audit trail, while improving security and compliance.

Automating process for maximum efficiency

Aegis gives you the ability to immediately automate mundane, repetitive aspects of IT operations, while providing the foundation for aggregating those tasks to achieve the larger goal of automating processes that span functional groups, such as those defined by ITIL.

  • Accomplishing more with your current staff. Through automation, Aegis acts like a force multiplier, offloading routine or mundane tasks so operators and administrators become more productive.
  • Leveraging your existing tools and processes. Aegis enables rapid translation of your existing processes into automated workflows without needing to rip and replace tools already in use.
  • Integrating with other operations tools. We provide a number of adapters for popular tools from us and third-parties that enable rapid integration for efficiency-driving information sharing.
  • Reducing wasted efforts. Aegis supplies built in performance metrics that help you benchmark performance, identify bottlenecks, streamline operations and apply continuous improvement methods.

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