Empower the business to manage user access

Change and complexity require IT to partner with the business to take an active role in managing the day-to-day activities associated with certifying and requesting access.

Deliver access quickly, securely and cost-effectively

Lifecycle Manager delivers a business-oriented solution that helps you manage changes to user access, including both self-service access requests and automatic event-driven access changes.

With a combination of business-friendly user interfaces for requesting and managing access and dynamic process generation, which automatically adjusts workflow execution to the unique attributes of a request, Access Governance Suite provides a flexible and scalable solution for addressing your access needs in an efficient and compliant manner.

By centralizing and managing access request processes within the constraints of a pre-defined governance model, Lifecycle Manager enhances your security and compliance posture and creates transparency for audit-related inquiries. With Lifecycle Manager, you can:

  • Enable business users to independently request and manage access and bring a new level of transparency to the access request process
  • Speed delivery of access using automated event triggers
  • Centralize access request and change processes regardless of how fulfillment takes place
  • Improve audit performance and risk posture with preventive policy enforcement
  • Provide the business with visibility to process execution and service level monitoring
  • Streamline IT operations and allow your help desk to focus on higher value activities

Major components of the Lifecycle Manager include:

  • Self-Service Access Request

Lifecycle Manager simplifies the access request process for business users through an intuitive "shopping cart" interface. This is a business-friendly, web-based interface where users can conveniently select roles and entitlements needed to perform their job duties, view current access privileges, and check the status of previous requests.

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