Transform technical data into business-relevant information with Identity Intelligence

Identity Intelligence creates a 360° view of each user's identity, establishing critical links between a user's identity, access privileges and related job duties.

Dashboards empower users and the business with better visibility based on role and authority

Organizations are always striving for better visibility into potential risk factors across their business. With Identity Intelligence, you can transform technical identity data scattered across multiple enterprise systems into centralized, easily understood and business-relevant information. The visibility and insights offered by Access Governance Suite through dashboards, risk metrics and reporting provide a clear understanding of identity and access information. This helps you to proactively manage and focus identity management efforts strategically across even the most complex enterprise environments.

Identity Intelligence provided by Access Governance Suite allows organizations to:

  • Deliver technical information in business-relevant dashboards and reports for stronger collaboration and communication between business, IT and audit staff
  • Analyze and evaluate identity data to improve the effectiveness of detective and preventive controls
  • Enhance overall security, compliance and audit performance
  • Empower users with better visibility into potential risk factors
  • Greatly reduce the cost and burden of compliance-related activities

Major components of Identity Intelligence include:

  • Reporting and Analytics

Out-of-the-box reports and analytics tools make it easy to track and monitor critical compliance metrics and lifecycle management processes across your organization. Business-friendly reports provide compliance and audit professionals with the ability to monitor and analyze the organization's performance around key compliance controls including:

  • Access certifications
  • Policy violations
  • Remediation activity
  • Risk metrics

Access Governance Suite reports also provide up-to-date information to business and IT teams on lifecycle management and provisioning activities across enterprise resources. You can save customized views of reports for future use or download reports as a CSV or PDF for additional analysis.

  • Customizable Dashboards

Business and IT users benefit from customizable views in the dashboard with at-a-glance charts, graphs, detailed reports and task status. The dashboard is interactive, allowing users to drill down into the source data. Each user's dashboard is tailored to his or her role and can be customized by the user with easy drag-and-drop formatting and content selection.

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