Get compliant, stay compliant

Compliance involves knowing who has access to what and also determining if that access is appropriate for the role—and being able to prove it.

Streamline compliance enterprise-wide with tools and processes to improve your audit results

Enterprises need an identity management solution that goes beyond knowing who has access to critical applications and information. Organizations today are increasingly focused on governance, risk management and compliance (GRC)—it means having strong, consistent controls over who has access—and being able to prove it. Functionality provided by the Compliance Manager allows organizations to:

  • Reduce the cost of compliance by automating labor-intensive compliance processes
  • Strengthen controls to address audit deficiencies or weaknesses
  • Provide proof of compliance to internal and external auditors
  • Proactively detect and prevent inappropriate access and violation of corporate policy enterprise-wide
  • Improve accuracy and effectiveness of compliance efforts
  • Enable stronger collaboration across business, IT and audit/compliance teams

Major components of the Compliance Manager include:

  • Access Certifications
    • One of the most common controls required by IT auditors is regular certification of user access by business and IT managers. Unfortunately, many organizations struggle to implement an effective access review process to ensure that a user's access privileges match the requirements of his or her job function. Access Governance Suite provides a fully automated, repeatable certification process and tracks and reports on the status of certifications by individual, application, and organizational groups.
  • Policy Enforcement
    • Defining and enforcing comprehensive access policy controls across enterprise applications, including separation-of-duty (SoD) policy is critical to implementing strong compliance controls. Unfortunately, for many organizations, enforcing access policy remains a complicated, manual chore. Access Governance Suite makes it easy for business and IT managers to define access policy across roles and entitlements using point-and-click interfaces. Supported policy types include: account-level policy, activity policy and risk-based policy.

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