Support enterprise-wide identity management with a centralized framework

The Governance Platform lays the foundation for effective identity management within the enterprise by establishing a framework that centralizes identity data from multiple sources and captures business policy, models roles, and proactively manages user and resource risk factors.

Centralizes identity data, roles, business policy and risk modeling to support compliance initiatives and user lifecycle management.

The Governance Platform provides the foundation for Access Governance Suite and allows your organization to:

  • Centralize technical identity data from multiple sources and transform it into rich, business-relevant information
  • Create, enforce and verify role-based access across diverse enterprise applications
  • Prioritize compliance and security efforts by assessing the risk of each person, application and system resource across the environment
  • Detect existing policy violations and prevent new ones from occurring
  • Enable provisioning of requests beyond systems connected via Identity Manager or other provisioning tools
  • Orchestrate changes to user access across systems connected via Identity Manager, Help-Desk-driven processes, and manual processes

Major components of the Governance Platform include:

  • Identity Warehouse
    • The Identity Warehouse is at the core of the Governance Platform. It serves as the central repository for identity and access data across all enterprise IT applications in the data center and the cloud.
  • Policy Catalog
    • The Policy Catalog captures enterprise governance, access request, and provisioning policies within the Governance Platform.
  • Role Modeler
    • The Role Modeler automates the creation, enforcement and verification of role-based access across enterprise applications.
  • Risk Analyzer
    • The Risk Analyzer locates and identifies areas of risk created by users with inappropriate or excessive access privileges.

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